Delivery Time and Guarantee:

Delivery of the jacket will be usually in 15 working days from the date of your order confirmation.

If the courier is unable to locate your shipment and send you an expected delivery date, the delivery guarantee will come into effect.

How Shipment Works:

Our warehouses are located overseas. The entire shipping process is traceable; hence, the customers can get their parcels easily at their doorstep at their convenience and without any difficulty.

In that case, if you are not present to receive your parcel, you can certainly leave a note or text on the door directing delivery to a neighbor, who can sign for the package on your behalf.

The express courier will leave a note with the order number and a contact number If no one can sign for the delivery on your behalf. Pull and Wear did not make delivery at the Post office box.


You will receive an email when you first place your order, you will receive a notice, acknowledging the receipt of your order thereby sending you a copy of your information invoice.

Your order is not registered, In case you did not receive any kind of notice. Hence, it can’t be processed and shipped.

If Delivery is Late?

You will get your payment back at a time equal to the amount of your purchase or a replacement shipment will be sent to you in some cases, your order fails to be reached or it is unable to locate your shipment.

You informed us by sending an email about the delivery that is taking longer than the shipping notice, we will get back to you with the courier’s tracking number for the shipment and location by using this number you get the info about your order.

When to Expect Delivery:

Pull and Wears will send you an email with the following information:

The tracking details.

The date we shipped your order,

The expected delivery date.

Note: Delivery is usually done in less time than 15 working days.

In Case of Damage/Defect:

Email or Contact us within 24 hours of your shipment arrival, if there is any damage found in the products.